All Mobile Price List in Nepal 2022

by Binisha Kc
All Phone Price found in Nepal

In this article, we will be showing you the latest prices available in the Nepali market in 2022. In Nepal when it comes to purchasing smartphones, public trust is more vested in offline vendors. After Alibaba had its ownership in daraz mobile brands like Samsung, and Realme GT Neo 2, Oppo is launching their product online themselves or with the help of vendors.

Offline sales have surpassed the online market by more than 85%. As we can see how the public are engaging in online markets these days. We can say that the smartphone market will slowly move to the online market from the offline market in the near future in Nepal.

Samsung Mobiles Price In Nepal

The Samsung brand covers up to 32.61% market in Nepal. It has recently developed smartphones running Tizen OS, as an alternative to its Android-based smartphones. Samsung’s latest mobile launch is the Galaxy S20 FE 2022. The Samsung brand is widely popular in Nepal. 

prices of mobile phone
all mobile price list in nepal 2022

People have their faith fixed in the Samsung brand; the brand has never let its customer down. Samsung phones are popular in the market due to different models, with features- packed specs and affordable for every type of consumer.

Samsung ModelsPrice In Nepal (Rs)
Galaxy M02 (2+32GB)Rs. 11,999  
Galaxy M02 (3+32GB)Rs. 12,999
Galaxy A03 Core (2+32GB)Rs. 12,499
Galaxy A03s (3+32GB)Rs. 15,499  
Galaxy A03s (4+64GB)Rs. 16,999  
Galaxy A12 Exynos (4+128GB)Rs. 19,999  
Galaxy M12 (4+64GB)Rs. 18,499  
Galaxy M12 (6+128GB)Rs. 22,499  
Galaxy F22 (4+64GB)Rs. 20,499  
Galaxy F22 (6+128GB)Rs. 23,999  
Galaxy M32 (4+64GB)Rs. 24,999  
Galaxy M32 (6+128GB)Rs. 27,999  
Galaxy A23 (4+64GB)Rs. 25,999
Galaxy A23 (6+128GB)Rs. 29,999
Galaxy A32 (6+128GB)Rs. 31,999  
Galaxy A32 (8+128GB)Rs. 34,999  
Galaxy F42 5G (6+128GB)Rs. 31,999
Galaxy F42 5G (8+128GB)Rs. 34,999  
Galaxy M33 5G (6+128GB)Rs. 33,999
Galaxy M33 5G (8+128GB)Rs. 35,999
Galaxy M52 (6+128GB)Rs. 42,999  
Galaxy M52 (8+128GB)Rs. 45,999  
Galaxy M62 (6+128GB)Rs. 39,999  
Galaxy M62 (8+128GB)Rs. 42,999  
Galaxy A52s (6+128GB)Rs. 49,999  
Galaxy A52s (8+128GB)Rs. 51,999  
Galaxy A33 5G (8+128GB)Rs. 46,999
Galaxy A53 5G (8+128GB)Rs. 55,999
Galaxy A73 5G (8+256GB)Rs. 72,999
Galaxy S22 (8+256GB)Rs. 1,12,999
Galaxy S22+ (8+256GB)Rs. 1,29,999
Galaxy S22 Ultra (12+256GB)Rs. 1,59,999
Galaxy S22 Ultra (12+512GB)Rs. 1,69,999
Galaxy Z Flip 3 (256GB)Rs. 124,999  
Galaxy Z Fold 3 (256GB)Rs. 2,19,999 
Galaxy Z Fold 3 (512GB)Rs. 2,29,999  

Xiaomi Redmi Mobiles Price In Nepal

Xiaomi is a privately owned company that designs, develops, and sells smartphones, an Android-based OS, and other consumer electronics. Xiaomi also makes fitness trackers, TVs, air purifiers, and tablets. It has a skin for its Android phones and tablets.

xiaomi mi 11x 1 in nepal
all mobile price list in nepal 2022

Xiaomi has top specs and a low price, making it a solid buy. The phone has a super-high-res 108MP main camera, a big and bold 120Hz screen, and a massive 5,020mAh battery – as cheap phones go, it’s a star.

Redmi ModelsPrice In Nepal (Rs)
Redmi 9A (2+32GB)Rs.12,999  
Redmi 9A (3+32GB)Rs.13,999  
Redmi 9C (2+32GB)Rs.13,999  
Redmi 9C (3+64GB)Rs.15,999  
Redmi 9C (4+128GB)Rs.17,999  
Redmi 9 Active (4+64GB)Rs.15,999  
Redmi 10 Prime (4+64GB)Rs.20,999  
Redmi 10 Prime (6+128GB)Rs.23,999  
Redmi Note 10s (6+64GB)Rs.25,999 
Redmi Note 10s (6+128GB)Rs.28,999  
Redmi Note 10s (8+128GB)Rs.29,999  
Redmi Note 10 Pro (6+64GB)Rs.29,999  
Redmi Note 10 Pro (6+128GB)Rs.33,999  
Redmi Note 10 Pro (8+128GB)Rs.36,999  
Redmi Note 11 (4+64GB)Rs.22,999  
Redmi Note 11 (4+128GB)Rs.24,999  
Redmi Note 11 (6+128GB)Rs.26,999  
Redmi Note 11S (6+128GB)Rs.29,999
Redmi Note 11S (8+128GB)Rs.31,999
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G (6+128GB)Rs.36,999
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G (8+128GB)Rs.39,999
Xiaomi 11 Lite NE (8+128GB)Rs.45,999
Xiaomi 11 Lite NE (8+256GB)Rs.48,999
Xiaomi 12X (8+256GB)Rs.76,999
Xiaomi 12 (8+256GB)Rs.92,999
Xiaomi 12 Pro (8+256GB)Rs.104,999
Xiaomi 12 Pro (12+256GB)Rs.114,999

POCO Mobiles Price In Nepal

The Poco brand was launched by Xiaomi. The first phone introduced by Xiaomi was the Pocophone F1 under the Poco branding which was a huge success for the company. POCO India became an independent brand. before the launch of its second device  POCO F2 Pro in January 2020. 

poco x4 pro 5g thumb in nepal
all mobile price list in nepal 2022

During the span of 3 years, the company launched 11 devices, most of them are rebranded Redmi smartphones. POCO offers top-of-the-line specifications at an affordable price.

Poco ModelPrice In Nepal (Rs)
Poco C3 (3+32GB)Rs.13,999  
Poco C3 (4+64GB)Rs.14,999  
Poco C31 (4+64GB)Rs.15,999   
Poco M2 Reloaded (4+64GB)Rs.17,999  
Poco M3 (4+64GB)Rs.17,999  
Poco M3 (4+128GB)Rs.19,999  
Poco M3 Pro (4+64GB)Rs.23,999  
Poco M3 Pro (6+128GB)Rs.26,999   
Poco X3 NFC (6+128GB)Rs.29,999  
Poco X3 (6+128GB)Rs.29,999  
Poco X3 (8+128GB)Rs.31,999  
Poco X3 Pro (6+128GB)Rs.31,999  
Poco X3 Pro (8+128GB)Rs.34,999
Poco X3 Pro (8+256GB)Rs.36,999
Poco F3 (6+128GB)Rs.46,999
Poco F3 (8+256GB)Rs.51,999  
Poco F3 GT (8+256GB)Rs.51,999  

Iphones Price In Nepal

The iPhone is one of the two largest smartphone platforms in the world alongside Android, forming a large part of the luxury market. Iphones are one of the best-built smartphones in the industry.

0022548 apple iphone 13 pro max 256 gb 5g sierra blue ml0tybprwokcqlbh 2 in nepal
all mobile price list in nepal 2022

The iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple that combines a computer, iPod, digital camera, and cellular phone into one device with a touchscreen interface. The iPhone runs the iOS operating system, and in 2021 when the iPhone 13 was introduced, it offered up to 1 TB of storage and a 12-megapixel camera. It is one of the highly preferred and best smartphones sold to date in the market.

Apple ModelsPrice In Nepal (Rs)
iPhone SE 2022 (128GB)Rs.87,000
iPhone 11 (64GB)Rs.86,900
iPhone 11 (128GB)Rs.94,900
iPhone 11 (256GB)Out of Stock
iPhone 12 (64GB)Rs.120,900  
iPhone 12 (128GB)Rs.128,900  
iPhone 12 (256GB)Rs.144,900
iPhone 13 Mini (128GB)Rs. 122,990  
iPhone 13 Mini (256GB)Rs. 139,990 
iPhone 13 Mini (512GB)Rs. 171,990 
iPhone 13 (128GB)Rs. 139,990  
iPhone 13 (256GB)Rs. 156,990  
iPhone 13 (512GB)Rs. 191,990 
iPhone 13 Pro (128GB)Rs. 174,990  
iPhone 13 Pro (256GB)Rs. 191,490 
iPhone 13 Pro (512GB)Rs. 225,990 
iPhone 13 Pro (1TB)Rs. 260,990  
iPhone 13 Pro Max (128GB)Rs. 191,990 
iPhone 13 Pro Max (256GB)Rs. 208,990  
iPhone 13 Pro Max (512GB)Rs. 242,990 
iPhone 13 Pro Max (1TB)Rs. 277,990  

Realme Mobiles Price In Nepal

Realme phones are ideally suited for someone looking for a great mid-range or budget smartphone. The company’s devices typically offer useful features without costing a fortune. Realme is an up-and-comer in the smartphone world since launching its first-ever phone in 2018.

realme q3s 2 in nepal
all mobile price list in nepal 2022

You can rely on Realme phones to offer great specs and features while maintaining relatively low prices.  It offers plenty of good options. That’s why we have this list of the best Realme phones. Each includes specs and prices so you can weigh up what’s best for you. 

Realme ModelsPrice In Nepal (Rs)
Realme C11 2021 (2+32GB)Rs. 12,999
Realme C11 2021 (4+64GB)Rs. 15,499  
Realme C20 (2+32GB)Rs. 12,849  
Realme C21 (4+64GB)Rs. 16,999  
Realme C21Y (3+32GB)Rs. 16,199
Realme C21Y (4+64GB)Rs. 17,899  
Realme C25Y (4+64GB)Rs. 18,749  
Realme C25Y (4+128GB)Rs. 20,449  
Realme Narzo 50i (2+32GB)Rs. 12,999  
Realme Narzo 50i (4+64GB)Rs. 15,499  
Realme Narzo 50A (4+64GB)Rs. 19,499  
Realme Narzo 50A (4+128GB)Rs. 21,199 
Realme Narzo 50 (4+64GB)Rs. 22,999 
Realme Narzo 50 (6+128GB)Rs. 26,499 
Realme 8 (6+128GB)Rs. 28,799  
Realme 8 (8+128GB)Rs. 30,499  
Realme 8i (4+64GB)Rs. 23,799 
Realme 8i (6+128GB)Rs. 27,199  
Realme 9i (4+64GB)Rs. 24,499 
Realme 9i (6+128GB)Rs. 27,999 
Realme 9 Pro+(6/128GB)Rs. 41,999 
Realme 9 Pro+ (8/128GB)Rs. 45,499 
Realme GT Neo 2 (8+128GB)Rs. 54,199  
Realme GT Neo 2 (12+256GB)Rs. 60,999  

OneplusMobiles Price In Nepal

OnePlus phones have consistently proven to be excellent devices for nearly half the price of their competitors. They’re popular around the world, but not in the US because Americans typically buy their phones from carriers, which don’t feature OnePlus phones.

oneplus nord n100 in nepal
all mobile price list in nepal 2022

The OnePlus Nord has proven to be a formidable smartphone in the mid-range market. It delivers a premium experience typically found on devices at around twice the price, including great performance, 5G, versatile cameras, fast charging, and a slick user experience.

One Plus ModelsPrice In Nepal (Rs)
One Plus N100 (4+64GB)Rs.23,499
One Plus N10 5G (6+128GB)Rs.39,490    
OnePlus Nord CE (8+128GB)Rs.44,999
OnePlus Nord CE (12+256GB)Rs.51,499
OnePlus Nord CE 2 (8+128GB)Rs.47,499 
OnePlus Nord 2 (8+128GB)Rs.59,999  
OnePlus Nord 2 (12+256GB)Rs.69,999  
OnePlus 8T (8+128GB)Rs.78,999
OnePlus 8T (12+256GB)Rs.85,999
OnePlus 9 (12+256GB)Rs.104,990  
OnePlus 9 Pro (8+256GB)Rs.119,990
OnePlus 9 Pro (12+256GB)Rs.129,999
OnePlus 10 Pro (12+256GB)Rs.134,999 

Vivo Mobiles Price In Nepal

It makes low-cost Android phones and those in the mid-range segment of the market. A. Vivo offers excellent features in its mid-range mobile phones such as a 15.24 cm (6) HD display, 13MP camera with 8MP front camera, and 18W fast charge technology.

75692372 in nepal
all mobile price list in nepal 2022

The Exynos processors in flagship devices perform great but in budget-oriented segments, Vivo provides better performance. The Vivo devices are also better at gaming.

Vivo V21eRs. 39,999
Vivo V21Rs.49,999
Vivo V23e (8/128GB)Rs.44,999
Vivo V23e (8/256GB)Rs.49,999
Vivo V23 5GRs.55,999 

Oppo Mobiles Price In Nepal

Oppo is actually frequently one of the top five global smartphone brands (on market share) on a regular basis. their penchant for innovation and integration of the latest technologies in smartphone models enabled them to offer smartphones with better features than their Indian counterparts. Oppo has taken the same route, and over the years, the brand has offered many industry-first innovations.

reno5 4g listpage series silver black v2 mobile.jpg.thumb in nepal
all mobile price list in nepal 2022

Oppo mobile features offer a seamless experience to users, with high-end specifications at very reasonable prices. Even if the Oppo best smartphone is wallet-friendly and very affordable.

Oppo ModelsPrice In Nepal (Rs)
OPPO A1k (2+32GB)Rs.15,490
Oppo A12 (3+32GB)Rs.14,990  
Oppo A12 (4+64GB)Rs.20,790  
Oppo A15 (3+32GB)Rs.18,590  
Oppo A15s (4+64GB)Rs.21,990  
Oppo A16k (4+64GB)Rs.19,990  
Oppo A16 (3+32GB)Rs.18,990  
Oppo A16 (4+64GB)Rs.22,990   
Oppo A5 2020 (3+64GB)Rs.22,990
Oppo A5 2020 (4+128GB)Rs.25,490
Oppo A31 (4+128GB)Rs.26,590  
Oppo A52 (4+128GB)Rs.29,990   
Oppo A53 (4+64GB)Rs.22,990  
Oppo A54 (4+128GB)Rs.25,990  
Oppo A76 (6+128GB)Rs.29,990 
Oppo A9 2020 (8+128GB)Rs.33,590
Oppo F15 (8+128GB)Rs.39,990  
Oppo F17 (6+128GB)Rs.33,990  
Oppo F17 Pro (8+128GB)Rs.43,990  
Oppo F19 (6+128GB)Rs.31,990  
Oppo F19 Pro (8+128GB)Rs.41,990  
Oppo Reno 3 (8+128GB)Rs.46,990  

Nokia Mobiles Price In Nepal

Nokia phones have earned a reputation for quality and reliability that people know and trust. Continuing that tradition today, Counterpoint Research showed Nokia phones to lead the trust rankings based on software, security updates, and build quality.

Nokia plays a vital role in the budget and mid-range smartphone market. One of the obvious benefits of going with Nokia is that their prices are very reasonable and features are great for what you pay.

Nokia ModelsPrice In Nepal (Rs)
Nokia C1Rs.7,199
Nokia C1 2nd EditionRs.7,699
Nokia C1 PlusRs.8,399  
Nokia C2Rs.9,299
Nokia C20 (1/16GB)Rs.9,999  
Nokia C20 (2/32GB)Rs.10,999  
Nokia 1.4 (2/32GB)Rs.12,899
Nokia 1.4 (3/64GB)Rs.13,999
Nokia C30Rs.12,999
Nokia G10Rs.16,999  
Nokia G20Rs.19,999  

Infinix Mobile Price In Nepal

The phone is packed with a large 4000 mAh battery that can give you up to 23 hours of Talktime, 15 hours of audio playback, and 9 hours of video playback. It is capable of delivering up to two days of battery life.

in nepal
all mobile price list in nepal 2022

Infinix phone is designed well, it performs well, and has an average camera that is good enough for your daily usage and social media posting. The smartphone is a good budget option for mobile gamers as it has an AMOLED display with ample battery to last a couple of gaming sessions easily.

Infinix ModelsPrice In Nepal (Rs)
Infinix Hot 9 PlayRs.11,490
Infinix Hot 9 Play TurboRs.14,990
Infinix Smart 5 (2/32GB)Rs.12,990   
Infinix Smart 5 (3/64GB)Rs.14,490   
Infinix Hot 10 Play (4/64GB)Rs.17,140
Infinix Hot 10 (4/128GB)Rs.18,490  
Infinix Note 10 (6/128GB)Rs.23,140  
Infinix Hot 10s (4/128GB)Rs.19,990  


Motorola has made a great comeback in recent years, producing some of the best phones on the market. Its strength is its diversity – you can buy a budget or premium Moto phone, depending on your needs and tastes, and still, get a quality and consistent user experience.

motorola moto g200 thumb in nepal
all mobile price list in nepal 2022

Motorola products are very secure. Motorola phones are only discoverable by another device when first turned on or when the user makes them discoverable. Even then, Motorola phones only remain discoverable for 60 seconds, severely limiting the time for an intruder to gain access.

Moto ModelsPrice In Nepal (Rs)
Moto E7 Power (2/32GB) Rs.12,999 
Moto E7 Power (4/64GB) Rs.15,990  
Moto E7 Plus (4/64GB) Rs.16,590   
Moto G9 Play (4/128GB) Rs.19,990 

 Micromax Mobiles Price In Nepal

Micromax delivers decent specs and a clean Android experience at a fair price with their ‘1’ smartphone. You will be quite happy with the Micromax in 1, as long as you aren’t into heavy gaming or nocturnal photography.

Micromax has a good relative brand value in the under Rs 10,000 segment and in the tier-2, tier 3 market. “They have been doing feature phones for a while, with low-cost smartphones. There’s a strong residual brand value there, and people have probably bought a Micromax phone in the past.

Micromax ModelsPrice in Nepal (Rs)
Micromax In Note 1 (4/64GB)Rs.18,990
Micromax In Note 1 (4/128GB)Rs.21,490
Micromax In Note 2b (4/64GB)Rs.16,190 

Tecno Mobiles Price In Nepal

Tecno Spark Go is an overhyped feature-rich phone that falls short in many ways, but here are good things to consider first. As the cheapest Android phone, it gives a decent performance. 

tecno spark 9 pro 1 in nepal
all mobile price list in nepal 2022

The latest Tecno smartphones are affordable handsets that give consumers the best bang for their buck. Consumers are pleasantly surprised by the quality and durability of these mobiles. For instance, the new Tecno Camon Premier is a superb phone and is lightweight with excellent battery life.

Techno ModelsPrice In Nepal (Rs)
Spark 6 Go (2+32GB)Rs.11,990
Spark 6 Go (4+64GB)Rs.14,490
Spark 7 (2+32GB)Rs.12,990
Spark 7T (4+64GB)Rs.16,490
Spark 7T (4+128GB)Rs.17,990
Spark 7 Pro (6+64GB)Rs.19,890
Camon 17P (6+128GB)Rs.23,690  
Pova (6+128GB)Rs.20,490
Pova 2 (6+128GB)Rs.23,990
Phantom XRs.64,990  

Symphony Mobiles Price In Nepal

Symphony started its journey back in 2008 when there were fewer local competitors. Since then, the company has been producing budget-friendly phones with great specs for customers and has become widely popular among the young generation in the Bangladeshi market.

symphony z30 amazon green in nepal
all mobile price list in nepal 2022
Symphony ModelsPrice in Nepal (Rs)
Symphony i32Rs. 8,500
Symphony Atom IIRs.11,500
Symphony Z18Rs.12,199
Symphony Z28Rs.13,499
Symphony Z30 ProRs.16,499
Symphony Z32Rs.12,799
Symphony Z33Rs.13,349
Symphony Z40Rs.16,499

Coolpad Mobiles Price In Nepal

The Coolpad Cool 5 is a good-looking device with a more-than-decent battery backup and processor — even though it can’t run heavy games that well. But in any case, not many budget smartphones can. Where it really falters is camera quality.

coolpad cool 10 front and b in nepal
all mobile price list in nepal 2022

The Coolpad Surf has a 2150mAh battery that lasts up to 48 hours on standby or 5.3 hours of continuous use and lets you connect up to 15 devices at the same time to share with family and friends.

Coolpad ModelsPrice In Nepal (Rs)
Coolpad Cool N7 Plus (4/64GB)Rs.15,299
Coolpad Cool 5 (4/64GB) Rs.14,399
Coolpad Cool 6 (6/128GB) Rs.19,995
Coolpad Cool 10A (2/64GB) Rs.12,495
Coolpad Cool 10 (4/64GB) Rs.15,495
Coolpad Cool 10 (4/128GB)Rs.17,495
Coolpad Cool 12A (3/32GB) Rs.13,495
Coolpad Cool S (4/128GB) Rs.18,995
Coolpad Cool X (4/64GB)Rs.17,999

Lava Mobiles Price In Nepal

Lava is now the only Mobile handset company that makes truly “Make In India” phones with complete control of design and manufacturing within India. Lava was also ranked as the ‘Most Trustworthy Brand’ in the CMR Retail Sentiment Index 2018.

lavas first ever 5g smartphone lava agni 5g launched with dimensity 810 processor launched in nepal
all mobile price list in nepal 2022

For an Indian brand, Lava is quite good with a 6.22-inch touchscreen display and a resolution of 720×1520 pixels at a pixel density of 295 pixels per inch(PPI). Lava has been a renowned Indian brand that is doing really well with its features and properties of the specifications it uses.

Lava ModelaPrice In Nepal (Rs)
Lava Iris 31Rs.4,999
Lava Iris 43Rs.5,899
Lava Iris 45Rs.6,299
Lava Iris 50cRs.7,599
Lava Iris 51Rs.7,999
Lava Iris 52Rs.9,499
Lava Iris 54Rs.7,999
Lava Iris 61Rs.6,799
Lava Iris 65Rs.8,999
Lava Iris 88Rs.10,999
Lava Iris 89Rs.11,999
Lava V+ 6 PrimeRs.9,999
Lava R3 PrimeRs.18,999
Lava R3 NoteRs.13,999
Lava R5Rs.22,999
Lava R5vRs.14,499
Lava R5 PlayRs.12,799
Lava Benco V7Rs.9,999  
Lava Benco V8Rs.12,999  

Itel Mobiles Price In Nepal

Itel is considered the most trustworthy (42%) brand, followed by Samsung (39%) and Xiaomi (37%), the study reveals. In 2020, the role and significance of smartphones for human connectivity and digital inclusion were underlined.

itel a58 full specifications in nepal
all mobile price list in nepal 2022

Itel smartphone users have commended the new itel P37 series for its durability, features, and ability to withstand different usage scenarios in day-to-day living.

Itel ModelsPrice in Nepal (Rs)
Itel A17 (1+16GB)Rs.6,490
Itel A48 (2+32GB)Rs.9,590
Itel Vision 1 Pro (2+32GB)Rs.10,590
Itel Vision 1 Pro (3+32GB)Rs.11,480
Itel Vision 2 (3+64GB)Rs.13,890

Frequently Asked Questions?

Which mobile is best in Nepal?

Xiaomi 12 Pro: Rs 1,14,999 (12GB/256GB)
OnePlus 10 Pro: Rs 1,34,999 (12GB/256GB)
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Rs 1,69,999 (12GB/512GB)
OnePlus 9 Pro: Rs. 1,29,990 (12GB/256GB

Which mobile is best for the camera?

Best Camera Phones in Nepal
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.
Xiaomi Mi 10.
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.
OPPO Find X2 Pro.
Google Pixel 4A.
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max.
Apple iPhone 12.


 In this article, we have listed you the latest value of different brands of mobile phones. Prices may vary to some extent but these are the legit prices of phones. We hope we have made it easier to compare and know the prices of the phones.

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