Apple Watch 7 Series Price Drop in Nepal

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One of the best smartwatch series which is in the market in Nepal currently is the Apple Watch Series 7. We can purchase the best watch series in the Nepal market, which is the successor of the Apple watch series 6. It has more features, specifications, and a durable body as compared to its predecessors.

The Brand of Apple and the iPhone always tries to introduce the world to more advanced and appealing technology. Apple smartwatch series are brighter and have more attractive features as compared to predecessors. Apple watch series 7 are available in the market of Nepal at cheap prices. We can purchase it from the Nepal market at discount prices.

Now here I will elaborate on the availability of the Apple watch series 7 in the Nepal market and explore the features, significance, specifications, and comparison with its predecessors. The main objective of this article is to converse and guide you about the Apple Watch Series 7 in the Nepal market. Now overview the Apple watch series below before purchasing.

Apple Watch Series 7 Overview:


Here, will elaborate on the design feature of the Apple Watch Series 7. It comes in the market with excellent features and specifications and looks attractive and appealing. The magnificent Watch has dimensions of 45 x 38 x 10.7 mm with weights of 42.3 g and 51.5g. If we talk about its movement, it moves around comfortably. It is accessible to different SIM networks. It supports 50m Water-resistant certificates, which means it is water-resistant and not damaged if fell down in the water.

budget apple watch nepal
apple watch 7 series price drop in nepal

In the market, this smartwatch series is available is made from the three materials like titanium, stainless steel, and recycled aluminium.


The display size of the Apple Watch Series 7 is 1.9 inches. It has a resolution of 484*396 pixels for optimal display. It has the feature of showing an optimal display because of the 391 (ppi)density.

In this smartwatch the display type is Retina LTPO OLED, 1000 nits mean peaks. The viewing experience is best in this watch series due to more display and few bezels. This generation of the Apple Watch Series 7 has a 70% bright display than the previous Apple Watch Series. Due to the extent of the edges of the screen, the bezels of watches are just 1.7mm thick now.

Processors & Memory:

The Operating System which is working in the Apple Watch Series 7 is Windows 8.0.  The chipset of Apple S7 with CPU- Dual Core is used in this smartwatch series Apple 7. If we converse about its storage or memory, it comes on the market whole over the globe, especially in Nepal is 32GB.

apple smartwatch in nepal
apple watch 7 series price drop in nepal

There is not any card slot in this iPhone watch. The famous GPS named PowerVR is used in this smartwatch series. With a storage of 32GB, these smartwatches have 1GB RAM that controls the working of the smartwatch and gives speed while using it.

Battery Life:

It has durable and excellent battery life. When we charge it fully then it can take work easily 18 hours daily. This smartwatch series 7 has an updated USB-C cable charger that has fast charging, it takes only 45 minutes in charging from 0 to 85%.

Software & Features:

Now, I will discuss the software which works on the Smartwatch Series 7. It has an operating system of Windows 8.0. This watch runs on the OS 8.0 version. The new OS 8 system arrives in the market that is installed in the watch with some extra features like falling detection, bike tracks, cycling workouts, etc. A dual-Core chipset is used in the smartwatch with modern graphics that PowerVR controls.

In this version of the operating system software, Apple has added a full QWERTY keyboard through which we can tape easily and slide using a quick path. This keypad provides a quick path for typing messages.

Apple Watch Series 7 Quick Specs:

  • Body:
    • 44/41mm
    • Glass front, Aluminum frame
  • Display: Always-on Retina OLED screen
  • Control: Touch, Swipe, Digital Crown with haptic feedback
  • Battery Life:
    • 18 hours
    • 85% charge in 45 minutes
  • OS: Apple watchOS 8
  • Certification:
    • IP6X
    • WR50 (50m water-resistant)
  • Connectivity:
    • WiFi 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz and 5GHz)
    • Bluetooth 5.0
    • Built-in GPS
  • Sensors:
    • Built-in Compass
    • Barometer Altimeter
    • SpO2 Sensor
    • Second-Gen Optical Heart Sensor
    • Electrical Heart Sensor
    • Accelerometer

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Apple Watch Series 7 Price in Nepal & Price Drop

In the Nepal market recently, there is a massive price drop in an Apple Watch Series 7 from its beginning. When this smartwatch was launched in the market of Nepal then it has 79,999/- rupees in the currency of Nepal for 41mm casing size while it has 84,999/- rupees in the currency of Nepal for 45mm casing size. Due to large drops in prices in Nepal, the new prices of this series of watches are 71,300/- rupees for a 41mm casing and 76,500/- rupees in the currency of Nepal.

Apple Watch Series 7Price in Nepal
41mmRs. 79,999 71,300
41mm (Nike Edition)Rs. 79,999 71,300
45mmRs. 84,999 76,500
45mm (Nike Edition)Rs. 84,999 76,500

This one is a fantastic chance for the people of Nepal to purchase these smartwatches at cheap prices as compared to their launching prices.


What is Apple Watch Series 7 price in Nepal?

Apple Watch 7 41mm (Nike Edition)
Rs. 79,999 71,300

Apple Watch 7 45mm (Nike Edition)
Rs. 84,999 76,500

What is the price of a 41mm Nike Edition Apple Watch 7?

The price of the Apple Watch 7 41mm (Nike Edition) is Rs. 79,999 71,300

What are the features of the Apple Watch Series 7?

Some of Apple Watch 7 extra features are like falling detection, bike tracks, cycling workouts, etc


The final words about the Apple Watch Series 7 are the best smartwatch in Nepal with advanced features and health-tracking sensors. It is one of the best smartwatches which competes easily against the other Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Huawei Watch GT 3 in Nepal due to an extra and advanced feature.

These smartwatches have awkward price tags due to massive drops in prices in Nepal. This smartwatch is a magnificent and best-class digital watch with advanced and many features which is more demanded in the market of Nepal so, due to this large price drops in it.

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