Fastest and most reliable VPN of 2022 in Nepal

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Best Vpn in Nepal

The universal development of the Internet has grown in the pandemic of Covid19 in Nepal because of the global usage of VPNs. Therefore, we are inclined to determine safer Internet surfing as online users are alert to privacy and cyber security in Nepal. Therefore, this article will discuss the best VPN in Nepal for PC, iPhone, and Android, the reasons to choose these VPNs, their features, and the fastest and most reliable VPN in Nepal. 

What is VPN?

 It stands for “Virtual Private Network” and defines the opportunity to find a secured network connection using public networks. It encrypts the internet traffic and covers your online identity. Therefore, it is difficult for a third party to steal your data and track your online activities. It is real-time encryption. 

best free vpn nepal
fastest and most reliable vpn of 2022 in nepal


You know about the various ads on VPNs in this commercial world. But, Do you feel that you should install it or need it? So, now it is time. The universal VPN Network uses increased by 27.1% in 2020, depending on these facts of   BusinessWire.

For many, the pandemic manifests as a turning point in VPN use. In Nepal, people mostly like to use VPNs, whether on a business or pleasure tour or venturing outside the country. Many countries started using VPNs at the pandemic’s peak, including Nepal. About 47% of people in Nepal use VPNs when travelling to another country for personal use. 

vpn for nepal
fastest and most reliable vpn of 2022 in nepal

Choose the right VPN 

Choosing the right VPN is crucial because it involves a definite amount of money to get the best of its result. It would be best if you do not choose a budget-friendly VPN because it will not solve your internet safety in Nepal.  It is better to investigate some critical features of the fastest and most reliable VPN for the best result. 

Consider some Essential Features  

These features are a must-have to-do in the checklist while purchasing the best, fastest, and most reliable VPN in Nepal. 

  1. Good speed
  2. Shared IP address
  3. Fast servers
  4. DNS leak protection
  5. Strong Encryption
  6. Secure protocols
  7. Apps killer
  8. Support Multiple Connections

Best VPN should connect to your network as soon as possible. You should examine the performance of the fastest VPN by testing its upload, ping speed, and download. The noble VPN service is when you have highlight serves and search bars for definite activities like BitTorrenting and Streaming in Nepal. You should also know about the working and limitations of your VPN.  It would be best to research the VPN Company by visiting their location in Nepal. Companies are bound to data retention laws, but many do not behold it in Nepal; they hold some information so you can obtain it by law enforcement. 

Fastest, Best, and Reliable VPN in Nepal for PC, iPhone, and Android. 

I have collected data on a few VPNs that would be the finest choice in Nepal.  Several VPN services worldwide claim they have the best services and features, so with rapid research, some will give you an advantage according to your device’s nature and need. 

According to Top 10 VPN research Mobile VPNs, more than 480 million were downloaded universally in only one year between 2019 and 2020. To remain private, you need a quality VPN for the proper shield; your location will be hidden, decreasing the risk of data cracks. 

Let’s have some discussion about VPNs. 

  1. Express VPN
express vpn for nepal
fastest and most reliable vpn of 2022 in nepal

According to quick research, Express VPN caused you to lose just 2% speed in the speed test, while mostly VPNs lose half or more of your average internet speeds. From more than 30 million tested app downloads globally, this VPN service is one of the best and top rates due to its privacy and speed. It will serve best in Nepal. 

Express VPN Features

  • This VPN will protect your complete household network, which includes game consoles, TV, and other devices. 
  • It protects your privacy by hiding your online location with diverse IP addresses, protecting you from untrusted and unwanted public Wi-Fi networks, and more. 
  • You can install Express VPN to get access to more than five devices. 
  • To help you troubleshoot and set up, there is 24- hour live chat support for your questions. 
  • Blocks trackers by block listing targeted and malicious apps regularly at every updated version.  

Express VPN Prices

Express VPN offers three subscriptions for its consumers with chock-full features and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. In addition, they accept PayPal, Credit Cards, and many other methods in Nepal. 

  • $12.95/month
  • $59.95 for six months.
  • $80 for 15 months instead of a year. (Three months free trial)
  1. Nord VPN
nord vpn in nepal
fastest and most reliable vpn of 2022 in nepal

One of the most well-known VPN apps, this app lift more than 5500 servers. It has a speed of 6730+ Mbps and claims no speed limits. It has a vast and different collection of servers, an impressive arsenal of hardly seen tools, security practices, and strong privacy. 

Features of Nord VPN:

  • They provide private cloud storage of 10 GB to encrypt file and safely store it on your laptop or devices. 
  • It is compatible with all devices like mac, iOS, Android, and other devices. In addition, they allow six connections while other providers provide five or fewer. 
  • It protects your data and information from collecting, tracking, and sharing with a third party. 
  • Recently they introduced the Threat protection feature. It automatically blocks suspicious websites, automatically scans and downloads malware, and stops ads.

Nord VPN Prices:

They offer a 30-day money-back just in case you are unsure about your plan. It also offers 1TB of encoded cloud storage for the complete subscription. 

Monthly Plan


Yearly plan


2-Years Plan


*VAT may apply

3. Surf Shark VPN

surdshark vpn in nepal
fastest and most reliable vpn of 2022 in nepal

It provides unlimited device support to its consumers. They provide its services in over 95 countries, including Nepal, and boasts more than 3500+ servers. Nord and Surf Shark announced a merger, but both companies said they work independently and have a separate network. 


  • It guards your data by using AES-256-GCM industry-leading encryption. It also provides cyber protection with private DNS and leaks protection using an IPv4 stack. 
  • They provide unlimited connecting devices. They allow connection in the entire house and office at every type of device like iOS, windows, and android. 
  • It only allows the banking app to bypass. Otherwise, it provides a VPN with no ads and saves data. 
  • Its Camouflage Mode ensures that your internet provider can’t recognize you using a VPN. In addition, it quickly encrypts your data for searching the internet safely. 

Surf Shark VPN Prices

It is a little expensive, and the price range for a subscription is as follows:

  • $12.95 monthly 
  • $47.88 yearly 
  • $59.76 Two year 

Cyber Ghost VPN

cyber ghost vpn in nepal
fastest and most reliable vpn of 2022 in nepal

It can connect up to seven devices with more than 6800 servers. A fantastic offer a VPN provider can offer.  It has incredible network speed and outstanding security. They have won Mullvad VPN and Editors’ choice IVPN.

Cyber ghosts VPN features

  • They provide 24-hour live support and solve queries in multiple language features.
  • Such a fantastic policy LOG; information and private data can never share and tracked.
  • They offer strong encryption; it hides your location and scrambles internet traffic with 256-bit AES encryption.
  • They provide smooth performance with a vital network speed that can never affect internet browsing, downloads, and online streaming.

Cyber Ghost Prices

  • $12.99 monthly (14 days cash back guarantee)
  • $78 for two years (45 days cash back guarantee)
  • $89.31 for three years (45 days cash back guarantee)


 These are the fastest and most reliable VPN services in Nepal I recommend. VPN is emerging fast around the globe, so I recommend to online users to choose the best VPN service in your Country by selecting the best features and install to enjoy privacy. 

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