How Much Youtube Pay For 1000 Views In Nepal? Adsense

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How much youtube pay in Nepal

In this article, we have given detail & knowledge about the youtube pay algorithm of the payment system in Nepal. We will be discussing Youtube pay for 1000 views and the payment algorithm in Nepal. As we all know youtube is the biggest & best app with more than 2 Billion users per month.

youtube payment per thousand views in nepal 2022
how much youtube pay for 1000 views in nepal? adsense

What Should Be Done To Monetize Youtube Videos?

Monetizing the youtube channel for allegeable for google ads is one of the great tasks for beginners on content creators of youtube. Youtube has set certain criteria for getting monetization for Adsense. Let us discuss them properly:-

Watch Time & Subscriber

Youtube values the user response the most. To ensure user best performance youtube measure it by the watch time of the channel videos. Generally, youtube payment looks throughout every aspect but it values the watching hours the most. You must have 4000 hours of watch time in 12 months duration to be eligible for monetization in Nepal. By monetizing we can get youtube payment for our 1000 views on Youtube in Nepal

Be aware don’t use those 4000 hours of complete service for watch time because those are only for a certain time & you will be struggling after getting monetization. Another aspect is the subscriber, you must have more than one thousand subscribers for getting the monetization on your channel in Nepal.

Privacy Policy & Terms & Conditions

The channel owner should fulfill the certain rules, privacy policies, terms & conditions for eligibility for monetization in Nepal. You must not create hate speech content which is strictly not allowed for monetization in Nepal. You shouldn’t promote wars & other aspects of those activities like hacking, hijacking, misguiding, etc.

By following the rules & criteria of youtube you can monetize and earn money with 1000 views on youtube in Nepal 2022.

How Much We earn from One Thousand Views In Nepal?

The answer to this topic isn’t simple, there are the different algorithms on youtube pay which vary from country to country. The pay is determined by two factors:-

CPM (Cost Per 1k Impression)

Talking about Nepal, the CPM is about 0.60 $ to 1.10$ on average. The CPM stands for Cost per 1000 Impression. The CPC can be one of the most determining factors for good income through google Adsence.

It means the user of Nepal on average will get 0.60% to 1.10& per thousand impressions. impression & click are two different things. We will cover the click revenue in the next stanza.

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CPC (Cost Per Click)

The CPC mainly depends upon the advertiser’s maximum bid, ad rank, and video quality score. It generally cannot be predictable, it highly depends upon your competitors, keywords value, & maximum bid of the advertiser.

If the keywords you are ranking on are top keywords search then the advertiser will bid higher for making ads on your post, so approximately we have less income compared to other countries.

cost per click in nepal youtube 2022
how much youtube pay for 1000 views in nepal? adsense

The average CPC per click of maximum youtube pay in Nepal is 0.05$. So, it means the user in Nepal got a payment from youtube of 0.5$ per thousand views in Nepal.


We can generate good income through youtube, not only by Google Adsense but also we have different ways of making money when we have a massive audience on our youtube channel. We can start doing affiliate marketing, sponsor ads, etc which have a good source of income in Nepal.

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Heaven dadeldhura October 15, 2022 - 4:31 am

Subscribe to a YouTube channel
Open the YouTube app or go to
Sign in to YouTube.
If you’re on the Home tab : Below the video whose channel you want to subscribe to, tap the channel icon. Tap Subscribe .
If you’re watching a video whose channel you want to subscribe to: Below the video, tap Subscribe .

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Admin November 17, 2022 - 1:25 pm

Haha Do Subscribe him..

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Bishab November 4, 2022 - 7:23 am

I got payment receipt from Google AdSense but I have not got any money in my account 🥲 how many days does it takes to come money in my bank account???

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Admin November 17, 2022 - 1:24 pm

Hello, Bishab Thanks for connecting here, It would take approximately 15 days as mentioned by google. If you’re unable then can contact help services they are good at responding to your’s problem.


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